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So…I told you mine….Yarn-Give-Away

Yep, you know all about mine, told you all about it in my last blogpost…Time to Knit.  So, share with me… when do you knit or crochet? Tell me all about your favorite crafting time, where you are etc.   And…I’m having another Yarn-Give-A-Way. Two Skeins of  Shibui Sock Yarn in this oh-so-spring-y pink.. Each skein is approximately 190 yards. And, it’s machine washable! Can’t beat that when you want to get back to knitting or crocheting!  Here’s a pic!

How do you enter? Just a leave a comment below under this blogpost and tell me when you spend time knitting or crocheting. Leave as many different comments as you like. I will use a random number generator to decide the winner. All entries must be submitted by April 11th at 11:59 pm.  (Atlanta, GA timezone).  I’ll announce the winner on April 12th!

38 thoughts on “So…I told you mine….Yarn-Give-Away

  1. What a great giveaway!Since I'm a SAHM I find time between chores to knit. Laundry in the wash? Knit. Mop the floor and it's drying? Knit. You get the idea. Also I set aside one afternoon per week for a knitting date with my friend Allyson which helps me keep my sanity. Hope I win because I friggin love this yarn!

  2. I carry my knitting with me always that way if I'm waiting for something/someone or if lunch is over early I knit a bit. Other than that I knit at night while watching TV…after everyone is asleep πŸ™‚ It's me time!

  3. My favorite knitting time (although sometimes this doesn't work so well for me) is right before bed. I snuggle up with a cup of tea and my iPod, and off I go for a little while.

  4. These days it's at night watching television. Sometimes as we are driving, but lately the time just doesn't seem to be available for me.

  5. My favorite time to knit is in the quiet of a weekend morning before the guys are up and becasue I don't have to rush to work. I love to sit in the sun of my front window and listen to music.

  6. Oh man – finding time lately has been hard, but I enjoy knitting in the evenings while we watch TV. That's the best way to end a day!

  7. Favorite time to crochet? Between housework, but usually it's when they boys just want to play without Mom standing over them. Lol it's our break time from each other.

  8. Ooooh, just remembered something – I managed to make almost an entire mitt while stuck on the motorway in heavy snow for 9 hours (don't worry, I was the passenger!)

  9. I like to knit at the coffee shop, while watching TV, at my local LYS, just when I wake up, just before I go to sleep. When is my favorite time? Is there a bad time? πŸ˜‰

  10. My crochet habits vary, usually during any length car ride, during tv time, at meetings and late at night instead of snacking. I have Crochet-A-thons during most inclement weather.

  11. Ooh, pretty! To answer your question: I knit all the time. I usually always have knitting on me. Just a bit ago I was knitting in the parking lot of my apartment complex while waiting for a fire drill to be over. : )

  12. I also like to knit in the evenings while watching the sitcoms or crime dramas like Law & Order and Criminal Minds. πŸ™‚

  13. (Final one. lol)I also like to knit when I work as a sub teacher and the teacher only left a movie to keep the kids busy. Don't worry though, I keep an eye on the kids like I'm supposed to, so I make sure the knitting I take is something I don't have to devote too much brain power to. πŸ˜‰

  14. My favorite time to knit is in the afternoon, sitting on the couch with feet up on the ottoman. I find it relaxing after all of the morning's activity. This is a great giveaway: beautiful yarn.

  15. I knit whenever and wherever I can- in the morning before work I can usually get a couple of rows in, when I come home for lunch, before dinner, after dinner, at hockey games, at knit night with my girlfriends, in the tub (not a good idea with wool- it gets kinda sheepy smelling in there) lol. My house is always a mess, but I have lots of projects finished to show for it instead. πŸ™‚

  16. Last summer, I sat on the beach and knit the fronts to a sweater. I loved the looks I got from people, but not one person came up and said anything to me.

  17. I love the yarn for this giveaway. Pink has always been my face color!As a nurse I have very little time free at work but bc I work in a large teaching hospital, we must park in lots that are "off campus". We must ride shuttle buses to and from the hospital and the parking lots.I spend the time on the bus knitting and have actually seen other begin to knit/crochet on the buses as well.It's a great way to unwind before and after a long day at work!

  18. I actually enjoy knitting whenever and wherever I can. When in the car as a family, my hubby is usually the driver so I knit to pass the time. I have been known to knit while my son is at sporting practices although never during his competitions!

  19. Whenever my husband wants to watch a sporting event on TV, I usually am only interested in very few of them. Rather than going to another room or out of the house, I put on my earbuds, play song or podcasts on my iPod and sit with him while I knit. That way we are together but neither one of us is doing something they don't want to do.

  20. I love knitting on the bus in the morning, as long as I'm not too tired. Also, now that the weather is getting nicer, I am looking forward to knitting outside on my lunch break- get some fresh air & knitting time… can't get better than that!

  21. I love knitting any time – but I can't stand the thought of starting my day without at least a few minutes with needles and yarn. It's the perfect way to wake my brain and fingers.

  22. I try to always have a 'no-brain-knitting' project with me. By that I mean something that I can easily put down and pick up without worrying about messing something up. I knit in the car (when I'm not driving!) and at lunch at work. At home I squeeze it in when I can, often multi-tasking by knitting when I'm on the computer! I try to get in some each day for sure. It doesn't work so well to knit while in the bathtub though!

  23. I just realized my absolute favorite time to knit- the BF left for work, and I am on the couch with a cat in my lap and a dog at my feet. sigh…. πŸ™‚

  24. What a great giveaway! I knit every chance I get, which in my life means most every day at lunchtime – I'm teaching myself to knit using the Continental method after 48 years of using the English method. It's very hard but I know it will be rewarding in the end. I also knit every night and all weekend with one dog on each side of me – it's SO lovely and relaxing! And finally, my BFF and I spend every Friday night in Starbucks, and I knit there as well. Yes, I love to knit!

  25. Oh! I just found another one – on my lunch hour. I weaved in the ends for a pair of mitts today and it was highly satisfying. πŸ™‚

  26. Third time is the charm? Hopefully. Since my comment got eaten before, really, I love to wait till the spawn is in bed, then hop on up into my bed with by bowl of yarn for current project and sit turn netflix on the blu-ray and just knit while watching movies at night.

  27. That is one seriously pretty pink!My favourite time & place to knit is on the weekend, curled up on the sofa with my dog, a tea and some music in the background. If I'm lucky I get to crack the sliding door, get some fresh air and enjoy watching the birds or squirrels.

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