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DIY – Crafty Day

I took a day off from knitting but still had a lot of fun the other morning with the following crafts:

DIY Coasters – I used inexpensive cork coasters from the craft store and beach-themed stamps.

More Stitchmarkers – well, you know, the craft store was having a sale on beads and I couldn’t resist the turtles – a fun reminder of our many trips over the years to the North Carolina coast. And I needed to make the smaller stitchmarkers for sock projects. 🙂

DIY Beaded Necklace – when my daughter saw the turtle beads, she immediately showed me a picture of a necklace from Pinterest? Instagram? Twitter? Another quick trip to the craft store, a few fasteners and voilà! She loves them! Quick and easy!

What non-knitty projects have you been working on? Share here!

2 thoughts on “DIY – Crafty Day

  1. “Non-knitty projects”? I don’t understand those words! 🙂 I get intrigued by other crafts but have a hard time pulling myself away from the yarn. I love your stitch markers–I do need to start making some of them for Christmas gifts.

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