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Knitty Confessions #5

I only recently discovered the Long-Tail Cast-On and I really enjoy this method of casting on. You can find a great teaching video and instructions here.
When I cast on for socks, I like to put all the stitches on one needle. I think that keeps the stitches more even.

Then, I divide the stitches over three double pointed needles. I find that using four double pointed needles to knit socks is rather cumbersome. I just adjust patterns to accommodate the three needles instead of the usual four.
What adjustments do you make in your knitting to make the process easier for you? Share here!

6 thoughts on “Knitty Confessions #5

  1. I love the long tail cast on! And when using dpns, I also cast all stitches on one needle, and then divide them over 3 dpns as I work the first row. Yes, row, because I don’t join to work in the round until after working one row. It gives me more to look at, to make sure I don’t have a twist.

    Do you ever run out of tail when casting on? I just wrote a post about using 2 tails so you can’t run out:

  2. p.s. if I cast on many, many stitches, I use a second piece of yarn for my thumb yarn to work a long tail cast on. if I have only one skein, i’ll use the outside end. cast on with both strands, effectively tying them together. do not count this as a stitch. drop it when you come back to it. place markers every 20-25 stitches as you cast on. after casting on, drop the outside yarn and continue on with the inside yarn.

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