Dad’s Chevron Throw

I recently published a pattern, Chevron Baby Blanket and Chevron Throw.  To tell you the truth, while I’m so happy that so many people love the baby blanket pattern, it was mostly an afterthought; the larger blanket was what I really wanted to design and then knit for my dad.  My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer and, living in Georgia while he was in Connecticut, I felt helpless in my inability to visit or help on a regular basis. We visited in April but I wanted to do something more. And, thus, the Chevron Throw came to be.  I wanted to make a chevron blanket because it reminded me of all the oldfashioned ripple and granny square blankets my grandmother (his mom) had crocheted. I chose sportweight yarn because it was late spring and would be lightweight for the summer yet still warm enough for when Dad felt chilly and I chose the colors because they were cheerful.

I said so many prayers while I knit that blanket and, as I neared completion, my dad had the good news that the most recent scans looked good.  I sent the throw to him and was able to visit for a few days in July not long after that.  He was happy.  He marveled at how long it must have taken to knit that blanket.  (Dad probably knew more about knitting than I could ever guess – his mom, my grandmother, was always knitting or crocheting.)  Sadly, not long after that, the cancer returned.  My dad passed away peacefully on September 5, 2014 surrounded by his wife, his children and his sister.  I was blessed to arrive the day before and be there for him.  I love you Daddy.   I will miss you always.


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Chevron Throw

  1. Ohh, I’m so sorry. The meaning behind the blanket makes it even more beautiful. I’m glad you were able to have that time with him, even if it’s never enough. I lost my dad to cancer over two years ago, so I can guess how you’re feeling. *hugs*

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