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Knitty Confessions #6

In my early knitting days, I never would have thought about partially frogging a WIP. I couldn’t imagine picking up all those stitches. Nowadays, I seem to do this without a moment of stress (about the process anyway) and merrily rip back a project to correct a mistake or change a pattern. In the past, I might have lived with the mistake or frogged the whole project because I couldn’t even begin to contemplate taking the stitches off the needle.

Frogging is a rather intimidating thought for beginners. If I’m working a flat piece, I try to frog back to where the next row is a Right Side Row. If I’m knitting in the round, I frog back to the beginning of a row. Then, I just concentrate on getting all the stitches back on the needles.

Sometimes, this process results in a few “slipped” stitches in the middle of the row. I just go back around and fix them by re-knitting them before I start the next round of knitting. In the case of purl stitches, I just turn the WIP over to the wrong side and re-knit it. In a few minutes, I’m back on track and re-working my project.

How do you fix a knitting mistake? Share here!

3 thoughts on “Knitty Confessions #6

  1. Before frogging anything, I generally assess the situation first. If I’m wayyyyy far ahead and it’s only a minor mistake that won’t be really visible, I generally don’t bother. But if it’s something major that will be seen for sure, I might frog the project to a couple rows before the mistake and fix it or (when it’s possible) drop only a couple stitches, fix the mistake and knit them back up 🙂

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