Karin Michele, the founder of iknit2purl2, lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.

Karin’s grandmother taught her to knit along with other needlecrafts when she was 8 years old.  Occasional knitting projects occurred in the following years.  When her own children were old enough to attend after school activities, Karin began knitting again.  Soon, she discovered Ravelry and other social media sources where she found many other knitters, patterns and yarn.

Karin began designing knitting patterns in 2010.  You can find all of her patterns here.

In 2016, Karin opened an Etsy shop which features her hand-dyed yarns:  Corda Bella Hand.Dyed.Yarn by iknit2purl2.  You can find all of her beautiful yarns here.

You can find iknit2purl2 on Instagram,  Facebook , Twitter, Ravelry and Pinterest too!

Disclosure Policy

My blog, iKnit2Purl2, will be happy to provide an honest and fair review of a yarn or knitting related product. To contact me, please email me at info@iknit2purl2.com

My product review policies are as follows:

  • Any product that you wish to have reviewed will be shipped to the blog author at no expense to the blog author.
  • All products sent for review will become the property of the blog author and are non-returnable. The blog author will in not be charged in any manner for the product(s) sent for review.
  • If the blog author cannot write anything positive in the review of your product, the author will contact you via email prior to posting the review.
  • The blog author will not accept cash compensation or direction on how to write the review. All reviews provided will be honest reviews based on the blog author’s experience with the product(s).
  • If for any reason the blog author cannot complete the product review, the author will contact the company via email and return the product.

The blog, iKnit2Purl2, is written, edited, and published by the listed blog author.  If, in the future, there is a guest author, any guest posts would be indicated as such.

The author of iKnit2Purl2 may receive products FREE of charge from companies to review.  In exchange for the review, the blog author will keep the product(s) to be reviewed.  In no way is the blog author influenced to write a specific review.  The blog author writes a product review based solely on the blog author’s experience with said product.  The blog author is not a cash compensated advertiser of reviewed products unless otherwise stated in the blog post. Unless otherwise noted in the blog post, the author keeps all products FREE of charge from said company, manufacturer, or PR firm.  These items do not influence the blog author’s review in any way.

At this time, the blog author does not sell advertising on the iKnit2Purl2 Blog.

Any comments, questions, or complaints about products are the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.  All communications regarding those products should be directed to the manufacturer(s) of the product(s).  The blog, iKnit2Purl2, is not liable for others’ experiences with the products reviewed on this blog.

Any product reviews contained in the blog are personal experiences and therefore unpaid opinion.

Sometimes, the blog author will buy products on her own and give them away for others to test and share feedback on. The blog author has been known to just give something away because she think it’s great

This disclosure policy applies to all product reviews published on this blog unless otherwise stated in the blog post.

Giveaway Policy

From time to time, iknit2purl2 will host a giveaway on her blog or Instagram. Giveaway rules are as follows:

  • Participants must be 18 years old or older to enter.
  • Participants must live in the US or Canada to enter.
  • Winner must provide an email address to be contacted if he/she wins. Email address will not be used for solicitation purposes.
  • The yarn will be forfeited after 30 days if not claimed.
  • A random number generator will be used to determine who wins.

Happy Knitting!

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