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So, you’re getting ready to knit some socks for holiday gift giving and all you know is that your niece wears a women’s size 6 shoe and your brother wears a men’s size 10? How long should the foot of the sock be? I’ve been known to trace my kids feet so I know how long to make their socks but what if your sweet niece lives in Connecticut and you live in Atlanta? Such has been my dilemma. But not anymore. I found these great Shoe Size Conversion Charts at ehow.comThese charts will assist you in determining approximate length of feet in inches if you know someone’s shoe size. I’m sure they are going to help me knit perfect fitting socks this year!!! If not, I always can add a note to put those all wool socks in the dryer for a while if they are a smidge too big or explain how to block them a bit if they’re running a little small!!

2 thoughts on “Footsie!

  1. Perfect! I've wanting something like this lately. Even though I live with people I'm knitting socks for, I don't want to arouse suspicion trying to measure my Dad's or whoever's feet. Or get weird looks!

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