Sunday Morning Crafting

A bit of a departure from knitting today…a little Halloween craftiness!  A friend from my knitting group mentioned making some etsy-inspired burlap Halloween decorations.  Cute, right?

So, while I was in Joann’s the other day, I picked up some supplies.  Did you know that burlap is the hottest item at Joann’s right now?  I thought I’d try a version of this cute door hanger:

Candy Corn Door Hanger by CountryKissez via Etsy

Here’s my completed (but still drying) version. It’s not weather=proof so I’ll probably wait until Halloween to hang it on the front door.

I’m already thinking about a pumpkin for the rest of autumn and maybe a Christmas tree for the holiday season. I still have enough of  my on sale for $2.98/yard burlap to make both and there’s probably enough acrylic paint leftovers from the kids’ projects. What other crafty things are you making? Share here!

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