Fave Friday – Peerie Flooers

The other day, I came across a really lovely colorwork knitting pattern via Gilly (@TicketyB on Twitter). It’s Kate Davies Peerie Flooers, which is such a cute hat and comes in two sizes. In the Shetland dialect, Peerie Flooers means little flowers and this pattern has an abundance of pretty colorwork flowers. There is also a matching Peerie Flooers Mitten pattern. Both of these patterns can be purchased on Ravelry.

Kate Davies Designs via Ravelry

DIY – Crafty Day

I took a day off from knitting but still had a lot of fun the other morning with the following crafts:

DIY Coasters – I used inexpensive cork coasters from the craft store and beach-themed stamps.

More Stitchmarkers – well, you know, the craft store was having a sale on beads and I couldn’t resist the turtles – a fun reminder of our many trips over the years to the North Carolina coast. And I needed to make the smaller stitchmarkers for sock projects. :)

DIY Beaded Necklace – when my daughter saw the turtle beads, she immediately showed me a picture of a necklace from Pinterest? Instagram? Twitter? Another quick trip to the craft store, a few fasteners and voilĂ ! She loves them! Quick and easy!

What non-knitty projects have you been working on? Share here!

A Little Help from My Friends

I’ve started knitting a pair of socks with lots of cables and twisted stitches. I like to use a cable needle since I’m not at a point where I’m comfortable with “knit into the 2nd and 3rd stitch through the back loop and then purl the 1st stitch and then slide all three stitches off the needle”. Problem is I haven’t found a small enough cable needle and using the extra DPN has proven to be quite cumbersome. So what’s a modern knitter to do? First, ask your twitter friends!! :D

Even though it was fairly early yesterday morning, I got quite a few wonderful responses including using a paper clip, a plastic darning needle, a skewer and a 4″ DPN. I’ve tried them all this afternoon and they all work great. (I also tried a coffee stirrer but it was way too big for my project). Thanks everyone! Your suggestions were great!
When you find yourself in a similar situation, give some of these readily available items a try to see which you like best!

Knitty Confessions – #3

The Kitchener Stitch – terribly confusing when you first start using it, right?

I have a little “mantra” that I repeat as I go along:

To begin, “as if to purl” (first front stitch); “as if to knit” (first back stitch)
Then, “as if to knit, slip it off, as if to purl” for the front stitches and “as if to purl, slip it off, as if to knit” for the back stitches. As I get going the chant becomes “knit, slip, purl” and “purl, slip, knit”. Then, when there is only one stitch on each needle, I wait to slip off the front stitch until the back stitch is also ready to slip off. (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know).

Here is a great video to learn the Kitchener Stitch.

Do you have any secret ways to remember how to do a particular knit stitch? Share here!

Finally – Lopapeysa!

I am finally starting a Lopapeysa-inspired sweater. If you recall, I started talking about these beautiful sweaters here and here. I even ordered LettLopi yarn which is the lighter version of Icelandic Lopi yarn from Alafoss.
Now, I’m finally going to use it! My niece is going on an extended wilderness medical training program as part of her nursing studies. I’m so excited to try knitting this type of sweater!

I’m only going to use two colors and I’ve even designed a chart for the yoke. For the border, I’m gojng to use a typical zigzag pattern. Hopefully, I can knit it quick enough to send to her before she goes!

Knitty Confessions – #2

Seconds ago, I was making progress on the toe of the sock that I am knitting and then, I got to a part of the yarn that, for lack of a better term, I will call “fragile”. You know what I mean, it’s a little frayed. Even with the best of yarns, if you knit a lot, this happens every now and then.

I usually tink to a side and treat it like a new skein of yarn. I knotted the piece here. Luckily, it’s long enough that I will be able to weave in the ends later.
What do you do when this happens? Share here!

Chevron Color Schemes

Looking for some color schemes to use for your Chevron Baby Blanket or Chevron Throw? Check out these pretty combinations!

via Pillows by Dezign

via zazzle

via Target

via Nebraska Furniture Mart

via the creativity exchange

via Lewis and Sheron
What color scheme will you be using for your Chevron Baby Blanket or Chevron Throw?