Baking Cookies, Knitting & Online Shopping

I’ve never baked sugar cookies from scratch. Last year, my daughter and her friends baked cookies together at our house but her friend brought a batch of her mom’s secret recipe sugar cookies to bake. Well, that friend is getting her wisdom teeth out on the day of this year’s baking event so I needed to come up with a recipe.

Enter…who else…Martha Stewart, of course. These sugar cookies are fast to prepare and taste great based on our trial batch which we are baking for the Nutcracker cast party. While they’re baking, I’m knitting The Dude Sweater

20141214-123444-45284487.jpg and doing a little online Christmas shopping…today I’m visiting Harry and David and Kitchen Kettle Village.
What have you been doing to get ready for the holidays? Share here!


Knitter’s Workshop – Measuring the Width

I’m knitting “The Dude”, a sweater inspired by the one Jeff Bridges wore in The Big Lebowski. I’m making a few modifications for my college-age son: I’m shortening the length and I’m knitting the body in one piece. It’s knit completely in K1P1 (colorwork included) so you can imagine how long a row takes to knit ! I want to check the width to make sure my gauge (which I actually swatched) is correct.


In “Knitting Workshop“, Elizabeth Zimmerman recommends taking your work off the needles and measuring it to get a true idea of the width. Although she recommends doing this after about six inches of knitting, I’m going to measure after my first 18 rows (about 4 inches) because the pattern is all K1P1 and I’ve already invested several hours in this project already. If there’s any problems, I’d prefer to cut my losses so to speak. Here goes:

All 203 stitches.

Off the needles.

It’s supposed to be about 38 inches.


It’s 38 inches! Yay! Now, to get them back on the needles!! Hopefully, I will continue to knit without tearsThank you Elizabeth!!!

Dahlonega – New Pattern Available on Ravlery!


Yes, what am I thinking?!!! I should be cleaning the house and decorating and getting ready for all of the relatives that are arriving on Friday to see my daughter dance in her last Nutcracker…instead, I just want to wrap up this pattern because I am so excited about it!  It is a fun and easy knit and I love it both in the striped pattern and the gradient pattern.


That’s right! The pattern includes instructions to knit both the stripe pattern using three different colors of yarn (I used The Verdant Gryphon Bugga.  You can find it here) and the gradient version (I used Miss Babbs Yummy Gradient Set.  You can find it here).


And until December 7, 2014, you can get the pattern at 50% off.  You can find my new pattern here!


Happy knitting!


The First Ever iKnit2Purl2 KAL and a Pattern Sale!!!


Let’s have a knitalong! I’m going to start by knitting a few Metro-North Cowls as holiday gifts! I’m going to knit some Irish Hiking Beanies too. What iKnit2Purl2 patterns will you be knitting this holiday gift-knitting season? If you’d like to join the knit along here are the details:

1. start date – Novemer 3,2014
2. end date – December 20, 2014
3. Knit any iKnit2Purl2pattern
4. All my patterns available on Ravelry are on sale -50% off – thru November 3, 2014! Use coupon code IK2P2KAL at checkout.
5. Let’s have prizes!! To enter, post a pic here of your iknit2purl2 completed project that you started and finished during the KAL timeframe. I’ll have yarn, patterns and other knitting related goodies to giveaway! Prizes will be given away randomly: I’ll announce details on my blog.
I’m looking forward to KAL-ing with you!!!

A Hat Fit For A …

… brother-in-law. It’s my brother-in-law’s birthday today and I was in search of a gift for him. He’s really “sporty” (triathlons, cycling and running) so a gift card to a sporting store is always good but then I remembered! My sister-in-law mentioned that this past winter he had lost the hat that I had knit for him a few Christmases ago. So, a quick search of my stash led me to the perfect yarn – Dream In Color Classy in Don’t Be Blue. It’s a superwash, 100% merino wool, worsted weight yarn and, at 250 yards per skein, there’s definitely enough for two hats! The pattern selection – a no brainer – my favorite hat pattern to knit for guys – A Hat Fit For a Boyfriend by Stephanie Nicole. You can find the pattern here.
I started knitting the hat while my daughter was at dance class on Wednesday night. I finished the hat on Thursday morning. It’s a very quick knit! Perfect for holiday gift-giving! I made several a few years back and I imagine I will be knitting a few more this holiday season.

Note: I did change the end of the pattern a little:
Row 7: K2, P2tog
And I stopped with 10 stitches left

Do you have a go-to pattern for gift-giving? Share here!

IKnit2Purl2 KAL & Pattern Sale

I’m getting ready for a little gift knitting iknit2purl2 pattern KAL. You can find my patterns here. I’m going to knit some Metro-North Cowls for the gals this Christmas. It’s super quick and with yarn like these,

I’m sure they’ll come out super cute. The yarn is Malabrigo Rasta and one skein is all you need to make a cowl.

We’ll start the KAL on Monday, November 3 so you have plenty of time to pick a pattern and find your yarn. Check out the iknit2purl2 group page on Ravelry for details!

By the way, all of my patterns available for sale on Ravelry can be purchased at 50% off – now thru 11/03/14. Use Coupon Code IK2P2KAL at check out.

What iknit2purl2 pattern will you be knitting? Share here

Eat Sleep Knit Repeat

Eat Sleep Knit is by far one of my favorite online yarn stores and I’m so lucky that the retail location is in nearby Smyrna, GA! It’s only about 45 minutes away from my house! Today, I took a little field trip over that way to pick up some Malabrigo Rasta for a cowl that I’d like to knit. It’s only the second time that I’ve driven over there…regular mail usually delivers my online orders the next day but I wanted to see what other yarns were available. Check out some of the colorful rows of yarn-y goodness of the Eat Sleep Knit retail store:




I did splurge a little and picked up a few skeins of fingering weight yarn for some shawls…some holiday gift knitting is already being planned!
What are some of your favorite yarn stores? Share here!