fall decor

Fall Faves for the Home

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate the house – the front door, the fireplace predominate at this time of year. Here’s a few of my favorites that I’ve found along with a few obligatory mugs and other cozy finds!

1. This Spooky Wreath – perfect for the front door.

2. These mugs! Find them here and here and here!

3. When you’re not hosting a crowd but you’d still like a little charcuterie, this board is perfect and perfectly priced!

4. For less than $10, these bats are a Halloween must-have!

5. This felted ball garland is going to look so good on your fireplace!

6. A cozy fleece throw that’s cozy? Yes, please!

7. I love this Jack-O-Lantern Galvanized Pumpkin! Turn it around and use it throughout the Fall!

8. A doormat that will take you from the first fallen leaf through the last!

What are your faves to make a cozy Autumn home?

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