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Fave Friday – The Dude Sweater

My college-age son is a big fan of The Big Lebowski. He loves the sweater that Jeff Bridges wears in the film:

via Oregon Live

The original cardigan from 1972 was made by Pendleton Woolen Mills. It’s recently been updated and is available on their website. The new version looks a little more fitted than the one Jeff Bridges wore in the movie.
via Pendleton Woolen Mills

I’ve found a similar pattern, The Dude by Andrea Rangel, on Ravelry. I’m a little nervous about adding a zipper but I’ve already found this great tutorial. I think I’ll try to modify this pattern to give it a modern, more fitted look too.

Shhh! This is going to be a stealth project! It should be easy enough to keep it a secret from my son since he just went back to school. I’ve even already purchased the yarn!

20140827-141222-51142798.jpg It’s Cascade Ecological Wool from Jimmy Beans Wool It’s a heavy worsted yarn so I’m hoping that it will be a project with that will move along pretty quickly. As soon as I finish a sweater for my niece, I’ll be starting this project.
What projects do you have lined up in your queue? Share here!

2 thoughts on “Fave Friday – The Dude Sweater

  1. Wow! I’m not up for that kind of challenge yet, plus my hubby wouldn’t wear it (he’s a sweatshirt guy) but that is really great! And I can’t believe that pattern is free! Thanks for sharing!

    Me, I’ve finished my first toe up sock and going to cast on the second one, that will be enough challenge for me. I finished up one dishcloth and started another.

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